Instruction for use



fully flexible brush-head allows for comfortable brushing:

  • less snagging
  • less „ripping“
  • easy to use
  • extremely durable
  • waterproof
  • easier on the coat
  • easier on the user
  • may alleviate r.m.s. (repetitive motion syndrome)


Two-in-one design – for optimized handling and maximum lifespan

Same bristles on both sides for easy handling during salon use

Curved bristles for  thorough brushing and for de-matting

for best results

Brush with a „light hand“ - do not push down while brushing

Operate in direction of handle only - DO NOT USE BRUSH SIDEWAYS!!!

Use continuous, smooth strokes, keeping your wrist STRAIGHT, do NOT apply traditional „hacking“ motion

On dense mats, brush in a „bycicle type“ motion with a straight wrist - DO NOT apply conventional „wrist-flicking“ hacking motion

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